The Ultimate Water Sports Adventure!
Need A Graduation Gift Idea?....Spring Special! We are offering a season pass for only $349. plus tax, this pass is good for three 35 minute experiences, two can be used on the same day, choose either the Jet Pack or Flyboard at our Hocking Hills location. Limited offer! Make 2015 the best summer ever! Call (740) FLY-TIME. Gift certificates available starting at $149. plus tax!
    Your jet pack water adventure begins with a brief lesson from our certified instructor. In minutes you will learn all that you need to know to safely begin your adrenaline-packed airborne experience. Your instructor remotely controls only the jet pack throttle as you begin your gravity-defying adventure. Have a blast as you walk on water and fly like a superhero! Certified instructors strap you into a water jetpack's five point quick-release harness, which uses twin streams of low-pressure water to elevate adventurers up to 30 ft. in the air, to run along the water, speed through smooth turns, and dive below the surface. Choose the Flyboard and soar like Iron man. Easier than it looks, and indescribable fun!  

BOOK your FLIGHT by Calling (740) FLY-TIME  Swimming is required!                                                              359-8463                        

Choose your Water Adventure Location

Lakeview  Park-Lancaster, OH Lyman Harbor-Sandusky, OH
2715 Sugar Grove Road 1615 First Street
Lancaster, OH  43130 Sandusky, OH  44870
15 minutes from the beautiful Hocking Hills! Just around the corner from Cedar Point!

Contact us (740) FLY-TIME 359-8463


"Once you’re up, you can choose between flying close to the water and fast, or high up and slow.  When you really get the hang of it, you can literally walk on water. I’ve seen it, and I almost still don’t believe it – such a cool experience!"
Joe Vargo

June 29, 2013

"For those who would like to try something new and fun, I highly recommend this activity and this for a truly enjoyable time. I have done many different things in my life, but this one was completely presented a new experience and challenge. The operator of this location has a site in Sandusky, Ohio.  I used the Lancaster location which is quite nice, and much more pleasant than I expected. The lake's water is unusually clear and the facilities at the Campground and RV park are very nice. I did a half hour session, which allowed me plenty of time in the air after getting appropriate instruction and checking to make sure I had sufficient swimming and water skills to be safely working with this equipment. In my introductory half hour, I got to learn the ropes and have the thrill of a new adventure under a controlled environment. It was fun! The people behind this operation are friendly, conscientious and engaging. They were a delight to work with and I highly recommend them, and the experience. I give it 5 of 5 stars."
Otto Schwartz

Photography taken at Lake View Park, Lancaster, OH

Jet Pack Water Adventures is a proud Member of the Hocking Hills Tourism Association.

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